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Since the beginning, since the dawn of dawn, God has had a message. God has had something to say.

Word and touch come together in Jesus.

Love’s voice and love’s touch come together in Jesus.

Tender word and tangible touch.

When God wanted us to know everything we needed to know about love…

God did not write a paragraph.

God wrote it in a person.


When God wanted to make it clear about how much God loved us…

God did not say it in a sentence.

God said it in a Savior.


When God sent us the most important message we could ever receive…

God did not place it in a mailbox.

God placed Jesus in a manger.


God did not send a text or an email.

God came through time to embrace us.


God’s Word became flesh.

Love now has a voice and a face.

Love has moved from language to life.

What we say as a congregation now get’s lived out in the community.

Now we connect our ministry with our mission.

Our word and our touch become the living presence of God.

God’s love in Jesus become flesh in us.

And we live it out our neighborhoods and communities.

-Tim Bias


A Call to Release People for Incarnational Ministry

I think the church is stuck.

We are stuck in a model of church that is based on attracting people to programs. To complicate matters even more, we often hire staff to plan and implement ministry programs but fail to equip the whole people of God for the work of ministry.

Before you click away from this page because I’ve touched a nerve, please allow me to explain.

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