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Wholehearted Disciple

Each Friday we’ll pause to consider the previous five days, integrating what we’re learning and how we’re seeing Jesus with three questions. As you consider the six myths of vulnerability and how the scripture passages brought these myths to light, respond to the following questions:


What are you thinking as a result of what you read, reflected and responded to? Specifically, what are you thinking about vulnerability?


What are you feeling as a result of what you read, reflected and responded to? Specifically, what are you feeling about vulnerability?


What are you doing as a result of what you read, reflected and responded to? Specifically, what are you doing about learning to rumble with vulnerability?

Where is there overlap in your answers? Wholehearted disciples practice uniting what they think, feel, and do. If you’re thoughts, actions, and feelings are not in alignment with one another, keep practicing! You’re on a journey of following Jesus.

One Final Myth about Vulnerability

Myth 6: Vulnerability is over-sharing, indiscriminate disclosure.

Consider the past five days. There was nothing in what you were asked to do that was about over-sharing or indiscriminate disclosure. You don’t need to “bleed all over the place,” to be vulnerable. (Nor should you. If you are bleeding all over the place, please get medical help! 😉

Some of the most vulnerable, courageous people I know are also some of the most private individuals. Over-sharing is inappropriate. Indiscriminate disclosure is unnecessary. Neither are a part of rumbling with vulnerability.

Now that we’ve arrived at Day 6, if you’re not sure what constitutes over-sharing, ask a trusted friend or your spouse. It’s a great way to practice vulnerability.

Need some help starting the conversation? Try this: “I have a question for you. We’re exploring what it means to be courageous disciples at church. One of the myths of vulnerability is that vulnerability is over-sharing, indiscriminate disclosure. What do over-sharing and indiscriminate disclosure mean to you? Can you give me an example?” Then be quiet and listen.

Want to Dig Deeper? – Join the practice of TGIF

  • Who or what are you trusting?
  • For whom or what are you grateful?
  • Who or what is inspiring you?
  • How are you practicing faith?


Good and gracious God, thank you for a mind to think, emotions to feel, and hands and feet to propel me to act. Guide me in all I say, do, and feel so others may witness your grace. In the name Jesus I pray, Amen.

Extra Thoughts

If you haven’t taken a moment to review the “Overview of It Takes Courage” please do so. You’ll find a few tips that will help you start this journey.