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We’ve got a quick question for you…

What is standing in the way of your local church making new disciples and helping disciples grow?

Will you take 10 seconds and comment below? Select one of the options below and hit submit.  Like we said, 10 seconds!  Oh, and yeah, we’re all ears if you want to share your reasoning in the comments below.


For those of you that would simply like to comment below…give us a letter in the comment section, please.

a) Nothing! We’re doing great. We’ve baptized new followers of Christ in the last month, are helping people grow in their faith, and reaching new people in our community. Further, our local church reflects our community.

b) Our community is growing, but we have not changed.

c) Our neighborhood/city is in decline.

d) Cultural values have changed.

e) Our congregation is not equipped to address needed changes.

f) We are not sure where to start.

g) I honestly don’t know.

h) Other:



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