Prayer is PreparationWhat if prayer is preparation?

What to say in moments of prayer is not the question. The language of prayer is shaped by the practice of prayer.

Listen before you speak.

Listen some more.

Then, say thank you. Say I’m sorry. Say a word of praise. Or, maybe say, “Here I am.”

Then, listen again.

Now practice that with God.

The practice of prayer is the best preparation we have for living a life on mission. Our busyness is not a mark of faith, but a mark of American culture. When the ministry of the church is formed from the overflow of our conversation with God, in partnership with our community, clarity emerges. Our mission becomes clear. Then, we live it!

Between clarity and living, after clarity and living, and before clarity and living…is prayer. The place in between is a silent space. And the silent spaces might be the best place for preparation for God’s mission to unfold.

Today, listen for God’s whisper to you. It will guide you toward your next faithful step. And, really, that’s all you need to know and do. Tomorrow, you’ll have the opportunity to try it all again.

Today, listen.

Tomorrow, repeat.

Got it?

Prayer for Today

Here I am, Lord, I’m listening for your word and your way…

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