A Prayer for Obedience

O God, by your grace, give us the obedience to yield a little more of ourselves today.  Put us where you want us and let me be content.  If we can’t be content, make us faithful.  Let us be a part of what you are blessing. Let us learn everything we need to learn in every situation and circumstance.  Teach us and equip us to bring here on earth what you have in heaven.  Break our hearts for the church and the church’s heart for the world.  Send us the people no one else wants and help us receive the people you send us. Let us see you in the tasks you have given us and we pray that you will find us faithfully performing those tasks.  Fill us with your grace and glory so all with whom we come in contact will experience your grace and glory in us. We offer ourselves to you in the name of Jesus. Amen