Transforming Mission Prayer Response

Prayer Response

God, we want to get this Christian journey right.  So often we feel like we are in the wilderness, unaware we are yielding to the temptations of this world and walking farther away from you.  Correct our path and accompany us as we depart from the foothills.  In places of loneliness, be our companion.  In moments of uncertainty, be our words of wisdom.  In moments of joy and wonder, be a part of  the wonder that embarking on a journey that will take us into places where we encounter what it feels like to be alone and places where we are entertained by angels unaware.  Move with us this week as we journey with you in the wilderness.  Strengthen us to deny the power and prestige of the world a place of prominence in our life with you.  Perhaps more than anything, God, give us wisdom, give us grace, as we journey with hope, especially through the wilderness.  Amen.