Giving Thanks

A 6 Part Series between November 5 – December 10

Let’s pause and give thanks for your leadership. There are many things we’re thankful for this year. In this six-part series, we’ve identified the qualities of leaders we’re giving thanks for in 2020.

Every Thursday between November 5 and December 10, we’re releasing a short episode on giving thanks. Our hope is two-fold. First, we hope you will be encouraged. Second, we invite you to pause and give thanks for where you see the qualities and characteristics we mention showing up in the leaders around you.

Let’s not reserve Thanksgiving to one day. This season, pause and give thanks. The gratitude you express and experience will be a blessing to those you encounter.

Episode 145: Giving thanks for your willingness to take risks

Episode 147: Giving Thanks for your unique talents

Episode 149: Giving Thanks for Hope

Episode 151: Giving Thanks for Disciple-Making

Episode 153: Giving Thanks for Relationships

The series, “The Characters of Christmas,” including blog posts and podcasts about the characters in the Christmas story can be found here. 

Episode 155: Giving Thanks for the Good News of God’s Love