Episode 023:

Backpacks and File Cabinets

You already know backpacks and file cabinets both hold stuff. But, what do backpacks and file cabinets have to do with leading a movement of Jesus followers?

In this episode we explore the following ideas:

  • File cabinets storing information about Jesus.
  • Backpacks going with us on a daily missional adventure with Jesus.
  • The challenge is, it can be easy to treat personal, daily disciplines of discipleship like a file cabinet. Gather it and store information that never leads to transformation.
  • Two rhythms we follow and some of the challenges we face as followers of Jesus.
  • Daily discipleship or faith development is like a backpack. It takes us on daily adventures with Jesus. It’s a constant companion that shows wear and tear, holds memories and dreams and a few essential things we need every day.

We pick up where we left off in Episode 022, this time focusing on personal disciplines.

Following Jesus is an every day adventure.

Examples of Daily Disciples

Sara shares the pattern of Scripture. Serve. Celebrate

Every day read the scriptures and pray. Then consider what the scripture is asking of me? Serve others in some way and then reflect on the day with the question you lived with throughout the day.

Recently, Sara was reading Esther and Matthew. Here are some of the questions that emerged:

  • Who do I need to speak up for?
  • What am I willing to risk today for the sake of others?
  • What bold request will I make today?
  • What if I got what I wanted, really wanted?
  • How will I remind someone today they are valued?

Tim shared a pattern of prayer, Scripture reading, living the Scripture, reflection.

Following Jesus is a daily adventure. What adventure will Jesus take you on today? Not sure? As you seek to lead a movement of Jesus followers, pick up your backpack and get going.

Next Steps

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