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Living the Mission: Disciples Make Disciples

This week, we’re exploring one of the most critical aspects of ministry—discipleship. In this episode, we break down the heart and methods of creating disciples, using the HOPE pathway as our guide.

You’re not surprised we’re starting with HOPE if you’ve been with us for any length of time. We explore why discipleship is essential, how to define it, and practical ways to implement it within your congregation.

Understanding the HOPE Pathway

In case you are new, a discipleship pathway is an intentional way to engage people in disciple-making. HOPE is an acronym for: 

– Hospitality – Reaching out and receiving new people.

– Offering Christ – Inviting people to make a commitment to Jesus.

– Practicing the Faith – Engaging in the means of grace.

– Engagement – Acts of service and justice beyond the walls of the local church.

This framework helps create a systematic way for congregational discipleship. Tim enriches the conversation by emphasizing that having a defined pathway isn’t just a formality but a crucial roadmap for guiding people in ongoing faith formation.

The Importance of Having a Discipleship Pathway

The importance of an intentional disciple-making path cannot be understated. Without it, churches run the risk of becoming aimless. “When you aim at nothing, you usually hit it,” Tim recalls a professor advising. A pathway provides focus, ensuring that every church activity contributes to making disciples.

Defining a Disciple

You might be asking, “What or who is a disciple?” If we return to the Greek roots, a disciple is a “student follower.” Being a disciple means more than just membership in a church—it involves a committed lifestyle of following Jesus and putting faith into action.

Sharing God Stories

There are ways to facilitate or foster discipleship. One of those methods is by sharing “God stories.” By recounting encounters with Jesus and experiences of God’s love, congregants form a more vivid, personal understanding of their faith. Regularly incorporating these stories into church life—whether in meetings or casual conversations—helps reinforce the presence of Jesus in everyday life.

Inviting People into a Relationship with Jesus & the Church

Invitations to church should naturally flow from the church’s mission. Whether inviting people to community dinners or small groups, the focus should always be building relationships grounded in the love of Jesus. Even in the complexity of modern times, where fewer people grow up in faith communities, these relational invitations are even more vital.

Reflection and Transformation

Transformation happens when we create space for reflection. Asking questions like “Where did you see Jesus today?” sparks introspection and growth. This method proves effective regardless of the format or duration of the ministry program, emphasizing the transformative power of reflective conversation.

Re-envisioning Discipleship

Disciple-making needs to be modeled within the church. The ultimate goal isn’t only programming events but fostering genuine relationships that lead to deeper faith. By integrating discipleship into every aspect of church life and creating spaces for meaningful conversation, congregations can focus on their true mission: loving others as Jesus loves us.

Modeling Discipleship

Modeling and integrating discipleship into every church activity. It’s not merely about becoming church members but about growing as disciples who genuinely follow Jesus and share Christ’s love with others.

Final Thoughts on Discipleship

Ultimately, the goal isn’t to create church members but to foster lifelong disciples of Jesus. Churches can create environments where individuals and communities can thrive in their faith by focusing on the love of Jesus, interpersonal and faith-forming relationships, and intentional reflection.

Remember, every moment is an opportunity to share God’s love and grow as a disciple of Jesus. 

TimeStamp for Episode 326 – Discipleship

00:24 Understanding the HOPE Pathway

01:11 The Importance of Having a Discipleship Pathway

03:00 Defining a Disciple

08:16 Sharing God Stories

16:44 Inviting People into a Relationship with Jesus & the Church

23:12 Modeling Discipleship

32:58 Reflection and Transformation

35:01 Final Thoughts on Discipleship

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