Leading our Mission

Episode 325 – God’s Mission: Exploring the Heart of Ministry

We’re calling this series Ministry Masterclass. We’re focusing on five primary topics: mission, discipleship, leadership, worship and preaching, and the church.

Wisdom for Ministry

We just concluded a series on the weeds and seeds of ministry. If you think of that series as parables for leadership, this current series can be classified as wisdom for leadership. Over the next few weeks, Sara interviews Tim on big ministry topics, starting with today’s focus—Mission and Missions.

Understanding God’s Mission

The mission is why we do what we do. The mission of the church should always align with God’s mission, acknowledging that our ultimate measure is loving others as God in Christ has loved us. It’s about making disciples who grow in God’s love in every facet of their lives.

Staying Focused on the Mission

To stay focused on the mission, cultivating an authentic relationship with Jesus is paramount. You might ask, how do we lead people to invest in an authentic relationship with Jesus? The means of grace, such as collective prayer, scripture study, and Holy Communion, are vital in staying focused on the mission. These practices help keep the mission at the forefront. When the distractions of ministry are pulling you in many directions, the means of grace keep your foundation solid. 

Leading a Church to Focus on the Mission

As leaders, we seek to guide the church toward spiritual health and focus on the mission. Starting where people are, rather than where you want them to be, is crucial. Listening, being authentic, and gaining trust are imperative in leading change effectively. The mission should always serve as the primary focus, even when managing various church activities and programs. Listen and hear a wonderful story from Tim about leading the church to focus on the mission and the challenges that can arise.  

Mission vs. Missions

There is a difference between mission and missions.  God’s mission, the missio Dei and missions, the activities derived from the mission. Said differently, the mission itself is about loving people the way God loves us. The mission is not about conducting activities but about transforming lives through divine love and relationships.

Pacing Change in Ministry

Leading change requires a balance—a pace that people can tolerate while fostering trust and authenticity. Discussing possibilities and engaging in dialogues allows for collective insights and more effective transformation. The mission becomes the guiding principle in all aspects of change and leadership.


The mission is about becoming the disciples God created us to be. It’s about mutual growth and transformation. May you go into the mission field, right outside your door, and share a kind, caring, supportive, and encouraging word of Jesus.

TimeStamp for Mission – A Ministry Masterclass

00:40 Introducing Tim and this series celebrating ministry

02:08 The Mission and Missions

04:04 Understanding God’s Mission

08:52 Staying Focused on the Mission

19:12 Challenges in Leading a Church  

26:59 Pacing Change in Ministry

36:23 Mission vs. Missions

42:08 Conclusion and Benediction