Move into being like a Celebration Cypress and out of the Status Quo Shamrock in ministry

Moving Out of the Status Quo

Weed and Seed Number 7: Status Quo Shamrock and Celebration Cypress

If you’re a pastor, church leader, or someone seeking to make a meaningful impact through ministry, this episode is for you.

Understanding Weeds and Seeds

As a reminder, weeds symbolize the challenges pastors and leaders face, such as overwhelm, fear, and isolation. These are hurdles that can choke our potential. It is important to recognize and remove these weeds swiftly to make space for the seeds, which are solutions promoting growth and effective leadership. Equipping others and building trust helps us thrive as leaders and serve our communities effectively.

This Week’s Weed: Status Quo Shamrock

This week, the focus is on the weed known as “Status Quo Shamrock.” The status quo is about being “stuck in a field of low expectations and routines,” relying more on luck than grit or effort. The status quo often feels monotonous and uninspiring.

Whether you’re hardwired for continuous improvement or like the routine of doing the same thing, you’ll find real life examples and encouragement to move beyond the status quo. You’ll hear how dangerous and limiting the status quo can be.

Challenges of the Status Quo

The challenges of the status quo are real. The fear of change often keeps churches stuck in their current state, where even the slightest disruption feels unsafe. It’s not just struggling churches; sometimes, even those with sufficient resources resist change.

The failure to adapt to a changing context can trap a church in a maintenance cycle without growth. Listen to hear Tim’s example of where changing the status quo can be challenging. 

Introducing the Seed: Celebration Cypress

The good news arrives with the introduction of this week’s seed: “Celebration Cyprus.” This seed is all about recognizing, naming, and celebrating God’s presence and movement while inviting others to do the same.

Celebration Cypress encourages leaders to celebrate God’s presence in everyday life. This doesn’t mean hosting flashy parties; it’s about acknowledging and sharing the small but significant moments of God’s work in our lives.

Implementing Celebration Cypress

Explore a practical example with your leadership team. Put yourself in a meeting with your leadership team and ask where they’ve witnessed Jesus’ presence beyond church walls.” Though it may start with blank stares, persistence pays off. Over time, these small celebrations can shift the focus from maintaining tradition to actively participating in God’s evolving work.

The intention is to invite people to celebrate God’s movement and pay attention to God’s movement in people’s lives.

In Status Quo…

It’s okay to acknowledge that you’re in status quo because you will not get to a place to move off of status quo until you admit that you’re there. You might compare it to maintaining a lawn; sometimes, you need to let a bare spot heal to achieve lasting growth.

The only change that anyone likes is the change that you initiate yourself. Anything that’s growing doesn’t look the same one year after.


As you reflect and ask others to reflect on where God is showing up in their lives, we pray that you’ll have reason to celebrate and keep Jesus as the focus of your celebration.

We invite you to join us as we continue to explore how recognizing and celebrating God’s presence can transform our approach to ministry.


00:17 Understanding Weeds and Seeds

01:01 This Week’s Weed: Status Quo Shamrock

02:09 Challenges of the Status Quo

03:51 Real-Life Example of Status Quo

09:18 Introducing the Seed: Celebration Cypress

11:06 Implementing Celebration Cypress

14:33 Real-Life Example of Celebration Cypress

18:43 Final Thoughts and Reflections

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