Anything Goes Anemone and Pathway of Palms Transforming Mission

The Weeds and Seeds of Ministry No.5

Anything Goes Anemone and Pathway of Palms

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Weeds and Seeds of Ministry. If you missed the introduction, start here. 

Explore the challenges and growth in leadership, focusing on the impact of the ‘Anything Goes’ mentality on church mission and leadership.

Understanding Weeds and Seeds: Challenges and Growth in Leadership

The ‘weeds’ are the challenges we face as pastors and leaders, and the ‘seeds’ as positive practices that foster growth and successful leadership. Every leader will encounter the weeds at some point. The important thing is to recognize and remove the weeds promptly to make room for seeds to thrive.

Diving into the Weeds: Anything Goes Anemone

The conversation shifts towards exploring the impact of ‘Anything Goes Anemone’ on church mission and leadership. Tim and Sara dissect how the busyness and lack of focus associated with this mindset can lead to disconnected events and a drift away from the core mission of the church.

Strategies to Transform the ‘Anything Goes’ Mentality

There are practical strategies to shift away from the ‘Anything Goes’ mentality. They suggest incorporating questions about mission alignment, conducting post-event evaluations, and encouraging a focus on purposeful calendar items to ensure alignment with the church’s mission. Listen to the episode to explore how these questions can transform your actions.

Introducing the Seed: The Pathway of Palms

Transitioning to a more positive aspect, Tim and Sara introduce the ‘Pathway of Palms’ as a discipleship journey that focuses on leading people to follow Jesus and grow as disciples. They highlight the importance of offering clarity on what it means to be a disciple and how the pathway can guide individuals in their growth.

Exploring the Pathway of Palms: A Discipleship Journey

The Pathway of Palms facilitates growth and hope by emphasizing hospitality, offering Christ, practicing the faith, and engaging in acts of service and justice within the local community. The discussion revolves around meeting people where they are and guiding them on their journey as disciples of Jesus.

The Importance of Discipleship Pathways in Church Leadership

A discipleship pathway may seem like a simple addition. The reality is, a discipleship pathway offers clarity, direction, and guardrails for individuals to grow and engage as disciples of Jesus. You never graduate from a discipleship pathway. Instead, disciples continue to deepen their relationship with Jesus as they focus on following Jesus. In addition, a discipleship pathway helps everyone stay focused on the mission.

Weeds, Seeds, and Following Jesus

Whatever you do, start with Jesus. If you find yourself experiencing anything goes mentality, get back on the discipleship pathway. The church exists to embody God’s love and serve the community. It’s time to move from the distractions of ‘Anything Goes’ to the guidance of the ‘Pathway of Palms’ for true growth and transformation.

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