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Resurrection Choices: New Life and Hope

The resurrection is best understood in light of the journey from the table on Maundy Thursday, to the cross on Good Friday, the silence of Saturday. The empty tomb and resurrection of Jesus is the message of new life and hope, even when all seems lost. Ultimately, the resurrection invites us to be people of hope who find new life amidst life’s challenges. The transformative power of new beginnings and the belief in God’s ability to bring forth new life in all circumstances calls us to be resurrection people.

Embracing Resilience

To explore the meaning of the resurrection, we have a candid discussion exploring the importance of resilience in facing challenges and setbacks. We introduce the three crucial steps to finding new life or writing a new story when you encounter a setback or failure. The reckoning, rumble, and revolution, point to facing our emotions, challenging our assumptions, and rewriting our stories. Together, these things can foster personal growth and transformation.

The Reckoning: Understanding Our Emotions

The process of recognizing and understanding our emotions is something many of us need to learn. We highlight the significance of self-awareness and introspection in navigating life’s complexities. By acknowledging our feelings and experiences, we can pave the way for healing and growth.

The Rumble: Owning Our Stories

Delving deeper into the journey of self-discovery, Sara introduces the concept of rumbling with our stories, where we confront our inner narratives and challenge the assumptions we make about ourselves. By owning our stories, we can embrace vulnerability and authenticity in our leadership journey.

The Revolution: Writing a New Ending

In the final stage of the podcast episode, Sara and Tim discuss the revolutionary act of writing a new ending to our stories. By reflecting on our key learnings, identifying common themes in our narratives, and embracing a brave new perspective, we empower ourselves to live and lead with renewed purpose and hope.

Applying Resurrection Choices to Leadership and Life

Tim shares insights on applying the principles of resurrection choices to leadership and everyday relationships. By practicing generosity, self-awareness, and truth-seeking, we can transform our interactions and navigate challenges with grace and resilience.

The Continuous Journey of Resurrection Choices

As the podcast episode draws to a close, Tim and Sara encourage listeners to embark on a continuous journey of making resurrection choices. With the reminder that Easter is not just a single day but a season of renewal, they underscore the importance of embracing new beginnings and living with resurrection hope in all aspects of life.

Navigating the Leadership Journey

Gain valuable insights on embracing failure, fostering resilience, and rewriting your narrative toward a new beginning. After all, the message of the resurrection is new life. We look forward to you joining us for this episode. It’s a moment to pause and reflect on your own transformation as you navigate the challenges of leadership and life with courage and hope.

Time Stamp for Resurrection Choices

00:48 The Essence of Resurrection: New Life and Hope

02:24 Embracing Resilience

03:35 The Reckoning: Understanding Our Emotions

09:01 The Rumble: Owning Our Stories

14:03 The Revolution: Writing a New Ending

16:21 Applying Resurrection Choices to Leadership and Life

18:16 Conclusion: The Continuous Journey of Resurrection Choices