A Week of Choices

The podcast takes on a different form this week for Holy Week. We’re guiding listeners through a scriptural journey for each day of Holy Week. Starting with Monday before Easter and culminating on Easter Sunday, the episode features daily scripture readings from the Gospel of John, accompanied by thoughtful prayers.

These readings and prayers reflect significant events from Jesus’s arrival in Bethany to his resurrection, aiming to provide insights and comfort. The episode encourages listeners to reflect on the themes of service, betrayal, sacrifice, and resurrection, promoting a deeper understanding and connection with the story of Holy Week.

Below you’ll find the timestamp, Scripture, and prayer for each day

TimeStamp for Episode 316: A Week of Choices

00:32 Monday The Beginning of Holy Week

John 12:1-11

Just as Martha was reassured by the words of Jesus as she anointed his feet with oil, so we find comfort in your constant presence in your creation that surrounds us.  Your love for us is like that sweet perfume,  always there for us, filling our lives and sustaining us in our times of trouble.

Uphold us this day we ask, and in the days ahead. Enter our lives that we might see your hands holding us up even in times that seem difficult and without direction. For we know that you are our God, this we sing our praise to you today. Amen

03:38 Tuesday: The Greeks Seek Jesus

John 12:20 – 36

Holy and immortal God,
from earliest times
you have named us
and called us into discipleship.
Teach us to follow the One
whose light scatters the darkness of our world,
that we may walk as children of the light. Amen.

06:27 Wednesday: The Betrayal Foretold

John 13:21-32

Troubled God,
in every generation
you call your people to contend
against the brutality of sin and betrayal.
Keep us steadfast even in our fear and uncertainty,
that we may follow where Jesus has led the way. Amen.

08:46 Thursday: The Last Supper and Foot Washing

John 13:1 ff

Eternal God, in the sharing of a meal
your son established a new covenant for all people,
and in the washing of feet
he showed us the dignity of service.
Grant that by the power of your Holy Spirit
these signs of our life in faith
may speak again to our hearts,
feed our spirits, and refresh our bodies. Amen.

12:30 Friday: The Crucifixion of Jesus

John 19:14-37

Grieving God,
on the cross
your Son embraced death
even as he had embraced life:
faithfully and with good courage.
Grant that we who have been
born out of his wounded side
may hold fast to our faith in him exalted
and may find mercy in all times of need. Amen.

16:46 Saturday: The Burial of Jesus

John 19:38-42

Eternal God, rock and refuge:
with roots grown old in the earth,
river beds run dry,
and flowers withered in the field,
we wait for revival and release.
Abide with us
until we come alive
in the sunrise of your glory. Amen.

18:14 Sunday: The Resurrection of Jesus

John 20:1-18

Holy God,
in raising Christ to new life
you opened the path of salvation to all peoples.
Send us out, with the joy of Mary Magdalene,
to proclaim that we have seen the Lord,
so that all the world may celebrate with you
the banquet of your peace. Amen.