Episode 314: The Choice to Follow Jesus

The journey of faith and discipleship begins with an invitation. In Episode 314, Sara and Tim explore the invitation to follow Jesus as depicted in the Gospel of John.

Exploring the Invitation to Follow Jesus

In looking at John 12, we hear an invitation to follow Jesus. But it isn’t the first invitation offered in John. Going back to John 1, where the first disciples, including John, Andrew, Peter, Philip, and Nathaniel, respond to the call to follow Jesus, we hear the invitation to come and see.

Come and see is an invitation to follow Jesus. In John 12, the circle expands to include Greek followers. There is a universal nature of Jesus’ message and the essence of discipleship.

Jesus’ Response and the Path to Discipleship

Jesus’ response to the request of seeing him, emphasizes commitment and sacrifice in following Jesus. Tim draws parallels between the narrative in John’s Gospel and the profound reality of following Jesus, challenging us to embrace the full commitment and truth of discipleship.

As you reflect on this passage, leaders and individuals alike to draw closer to Jesus and deepen their relationship as we journey through Lent.

Concluding Thoughts and Episode Wrap-Up

In the final segment, Sara and Tim remind us that following Jesus is a conscious choice that requires not just a change in lifestyle but a radical transformation of how we offer our lives to Jesus.

As you reflect on the insights shared in this episode, may you be inspired to embrace the call to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Take the time to ponder the depth of discipleship and the transformative power of faith in your own journey. Remember, the path of discipleship is not always easy, but the rewards of experiencing the presence of Jesus in your life are immeasurable.

Time Stamp for Choices to Follow Jesus

00:00 Introduction to the Episode

00:10 Exploring the Invitation to Follow Jesus

00:21 The First Disciples and the Invitation in John 1

01:04 The Inclusion of Greek Followers and the Essence of Discipleship

03:04 Jesus’ Response and the Path to Discipleship

04:16 Understanding the Reality of Following Jesus

09:06 Reflections on Lent and the Journey of Faith

13:58 Concluding Thoughts and Episode Wrap-Up