The Choice to Embrace the Cost

“The Choice to Embrace the Cost,” invites you to explore a challenging passage from the Gospel of Mark, specifically Mark 8:31-34. This passage confronts us with the cost of discipleship and challenges us to reflect on the true meaning of following Jesus. What does God make possible when we choose to embrace the cost of love? 

Understanding the Cost

Cost can often have a negative connotation. In today’s society, cost has a negative connotation and is something to be avoided. However, we all know that everything in life comes with a cost, whether it’s time, energy, money, or even a headache or sore muscle. 

Take a minute to consider whether cost is always a bad thing. As followers of Jesus, we are not exempt from the costs or consequences for that matter. As faithful people, we’re reminded that Jesus is with us whatever the cost may be. Could it be that the cost is a part of living authentically as a follower of Jesus?

Embracing the Cost of Love

But what is the cost of love? Jesus understands that question more than we ever could express. Jesus is with us amid the cost, pain, and struggle. Following Jesus doesn’t mean we have a “lifetime access pass” to luxury, comfort, and ease. It also means we’re not alone when we experience pain and struggle. 

Following Jesus is counter-cultural. When the cost of love leads us to make choices that align with Jesus’ teachings. When we do, there is a more positive impact on the world. Agape, God’s love, is the foundation for living out the cost of discipleship.

Leading Others in Embracing the Cost

As a Christ-centered leader guiding your community to understand and accept the cost of following Jesus, you have the opportunity to challenge societal norms and model Jesus’ teachings in your actions and decisions. 

Be encouraged to embody these principles in everyday situations, at work, and in relationships, rather than prioritizing programs over people. By leading with love and making intentional choices, you can inspire others to make different choices for themselves.

Reflections on Lent and Embracing the Cost

During this season, let’s reframe Lent as a commitment to love and the intentional practice of loving your neighbors. Consider prioritizing prayer and reflection, infusing love into your decision-making, and challenging the consumerist culture. 

As followers of Jesus, will you choose to take up your cross with Jesus? 

The Paradox of Embracing the Cost

There is a paradox to embracing the cost of love. Denying yourself and opting out of immediate gratification can lead to a deeper joy in connection. It’s a profound choice to take up your cross and follow Jesus. It’s a powerful metaphor for Christian discipleship. As a Christ-centered leader, you embody this choice by facing challenges, making sacrifices, and serving others in love.

Embracing the Cost of Love

In conclusion, embracing the cost of love is not about giving up things or enduring hardships. It is about actively choosing a path of love that may not be easy or comfortable but aligns with the teachings of Jesus. As a Christ-centered leader, you have the opportunity to guide your community in living out the true message of the gospel, which revolves around loving one another as Jesus has loved you. Ultimately, embracing the cost of love leads to a more meaningful existence and a deeper connection with God and others.

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Time Stamp

00:18 Exploring the Gospel for the Second Sunday of Lent

00:43 The Cost of Discipleship: A Deeper Look

01:59 The Misconception of Faith Exempting Us from Cost

02:20 Jesus’ Message: Embracing the Cost of Living Authentically

04:06 Reading and Reflecting on Mark 8:31

05:24 The Paradox of Simplicity and the Greater Good

06:51 The Cost of Love and Following Jesus

07:58 Challenging Societal Norms as Christ-Centered Leaders

20:33 The Paradox of the Gospel: Losing Life to Find It

22:52 Conclusion: Embracing the Cost of Love as a Christ-Centered Leader

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