Beginning the Lenten Journey

The journey of Lent is here. Drawing from the gospel passage in Mark 1:9-15, we’re looking at the theme of choices and how they shape our leadership. Join us as we reflect on the choices of Jesus and how they can inspire us to lead with purpose and authenticity.

The Importance of Choices

We often underestimate the impact of the choices we make as leaders. In Mark 1:9-15, we see how Jesus’ choices in baptism and during his time in the wilderness defined his ministry. As leaders, we are faced with similar choices. Sometimes we’re tempted to take the easier, expedient route. When that choice goes against our values and the path of righteousness, it, of course, creates problems. But the immediate impact of our choices isn’t the only consideration. Our choices also have an impact on the broader world.

The Wilderness Experience

One pivotal aspect of Jesus’ journey is the time he spent in the wilderness. During the 40 day wilderness experience, Jesus faced temptation and wrestled with his values and priorities. This period of reflection and trial speaks to the heart of leadership. 

We too are called to reflect and make intentional choices that align with our values and God’s will. The wilderness experience challenges us to resist expediency and embrace a life of simplicity and authenticity.

Embracing Simplicity and Authenticity

In today’s fast-paced and consumer-driven world, embracing simplicity and authenticity in leadership can be a radical choice. It goes against the culture of quick success, superficial solutions, and individualism. But as leaders, we are called to follow Jesus’ example and focus on God’s business. This means making choices aligned with our values and considering the impact on our communities and organizations. It requires us to address the deeper needs and foster meaningful change.

The Temptation of Expediency

The temptation to choose practicality and take the quick route is ever-present. Just as Jesus faced the allure of power and immediate gratification, we too face similar temptations. The desire for security, influence, and comfort can cloud our judgment and lead us astray. However, by choosing the way God has created us to go, we can address the deeper spiritual hunger and lead with integrity and authenticity.

Reliance on God

His reliance on God shaped Jesus’ choices in the wilderness. As leaders, we must ask ourselves: How is reliance on God shaping our leadership? By aligning ourselves with God’s will and focusing on God’s business, we can lead with integrity and make choices that bear fruit. This reliance on God informs our leadership and guides us in addressing the deeper needs of our communities and organizations.

The Lenten Journey

As we journey through Lent, reflecting on Jesus’ time in the wilderness, we are invited to reflect on our own leadership. Are we leading in ways that align with the values Jesus embodies – simplicity, authenticity, and a focus on God’s business? The choices we make daily define who we are as leaders. This Lenten season, let us practice intentional choices that shape us and contribute to meaningful change in our world. May this time of reflection and growth prepare us for the joy we experience in the new life found on Easter.

Time Stamp for “What Makes You Amazing?

00:00 Introduction to the Episode

00:12 Beginning the Journey of Lent

00:26 Exploring the Scripture: Mark 1, 9-15

02:14 Jesus’ Baptism and Time in the Wilderness

04:15 The Significance of Jesus’ Choices in the Wilderness

05:00 The Temptation of Expediency

08:44 The Impact of Our Choices as Leaders

14:17 The Challenge and Opportunity of Lent

16:23 Conclusion: Embracing God’s Purpose

18:06 Signing Off and Invitation for Reflection

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