What Makes You Amazing? Transforming Mission

What Makes You Amazing?

Embracing our unique strengths and abilities may seem counter-cultural. It might even seem like a challenge. The reality is, that our strengths harness our greatest opportunity for impact.  

We often underestimate the incredible qualities and talents that God has given us. Today, we invite you to explore with us the power of recognizing and living into what makes you amazing

The Power of Self-Awareness

It all begins with self-awareness. As Sara and Tim discuss in the podcast, knowing who you are and understanding your strengths is vital to unlocking your full potential. They emphasize that this is not about arrogance, but about acknowledging the strengths and gifts that God has given you.

You Are God’s Masterpiece

Let this sink in for just a minute: You are God’s masterpiece. You are one of God’s beloved children, God’s creation, a masterpiece in our own right. 

Need a reminder of what we mean? Head over to Genesis 1. God saw everything God made, including humankind, and declared it to be very good. We need to internalize this truth and celebrate our unique qualities.

You are Uniquely and Intricately Made

Your unique qualities and abilities set you apart. Your unique strengths are a reminder of God’s handiwork that is…you! 

When you hear Psalm 139 be reminded of God’s intimate involvement in your formation, knitting you together in your mother’s womb. You might think of strengths are like your fingerprints – no one else has the exact same combination of talents that you possess.

Embracing God’s Purpose

This third reminder focuses on the intersection of our talents and God’s purpose for our lives. By acknowledging and utilizing our unique abilities, you can make a significant impact on the world. God has equipped you for a specific purpose, and it is through embracing and living into these purposes that you truly unleash how amazing you are. 

Live Into Being Amazing

When we understand our CliftonStrengths, we have insight into what makes us amazing. When you invest in your talents, they truly become strengths. But the story doesn’t end there. Understanding and valuing the strengths of others is equally important.  

As a leader, you can create an environment where everyone can contribute according to their unique talents. It’s not about conforming to someone else’s strengths but rather about recognizing and valuing the diverse gifts within a team.

Take the time to discover your strengths and the strengths of those around you. Have honest conversations about how you can support and uplift one another. Elevate the voices and unique contributions of each team member. Together, you can create something truly transformational.

Want to Explore Your Strengths?

Embrace what makes you amazing. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, with a set of talents and strengths that are unique to you. By recognizing and valuing these strengths, you can live a more purposeful and impactful life. Let go of the fear of being seen and celebrated for who you truly are.

Contact us to start exploring your strengths, seeking opportunities to use your strengths and supporting others in doing the same. Your strengths journey can begin now! Let’s change the world one unique strength at a time.

Time Stamp for “What Makes You Amazing?

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast

00:24 Exploring the Concept of ‘What Makes You Amazing’

01:32 Understanding Your Strengths and God’s Creation

03:05 The Power of CliftonStrengths Tool

05:36 The Uniqueness of Your Strengths

08:19 The Role of Leaders in Harnessing Strengths

10:26 The Importance of Embracing Your Unique Abilities

12:20 Understanding Your Role in God’s Mission

16:07 The Impact of Understanding Your Strengths

17:32 Conclusion: Embrace Your Amazing Self

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