This episode challenges us to rethink the significance of the birth of Jesus and invites us to encounter the divine in the midst of the ordinary. Join us as we explore this thought-provoking script and delve into the power of the Incarnation.

Encountering the Divine

Here’s thi question: Is the birth of Jesus merely a cause for celebration or an opportunity to truly see and understand the power of the incarnation? What might happen if we open our eyes and hearts to a whole new order of love and justice that Jesus brings to our world?

Seeing Jesus Again for the First Time

Tim and Sara invite us to see Jesus again for the first time, just as Marcus Borg suggested in his writings. Encountering the divine is not limited to grand gestures or extraordinary circumstances, but can be found in the ordinary and unexpected moments of life. Drawing from the account of Mary in Luke 1, explore how Mary’s encounter with the angel Gabriel in Nazareth transformed her life and led to the birth of Jesus.

Can you imagine the initial confusion and disturbance that Mary experiences upon encountering the angel? Divine encounters often bring questions and uncertainties. It is okay to be unsure or startled in the face of something unfamiliar or divine. Can we embrace these moments of divine disruption and allow them to deepen our faith, just as Mary did?

Trusting God’s Grace

Amidst the upheaval and uncertainty, the angel reassures Mary by saying, “Fear not, for you have found favor with God.” This favor is not about privilege but about participating in God’s mission. Find encouragement in trusting God’s grace despite your circumstances or the expectations imposed upon us by society.

There are possibilities that the questions and uncertainties bring forth. Mary’s question, “But how can this happen?” echoes our questioning nature when faced with the mysteries of God. The incarnation itself is a mystery that transcends human understanding. We can embrace the questions and uncertainties that arise in our faith journey and see them as opportunities for growth and deeper understanding.

Responding as Servants

Finally, the script emphasizes Mary’s response to the angel’s message, “I am the Lord’s servant.” This response represents a surrender and alignment of her story with God’s grander story. We encourage you to consider how responding as servants of God can help us rediscover and encounter Jesus anew.

Be the Presence of Christ this Christmas

The birth of Jesus is not just a story to be celebrated but an invitation to encounter the divine amid our ordinary lives. By rethinking the birth of Jesus, we can see Jesus again for the first time and experience the transformative power of the Incarnation. May we embrace the questions, uncertainties, and disruptions that arise on our faith journey and respond as servants, aligning our stories with God’s greater story. Let us open our eyes and hearts to the presence of Jesus this Christmas season and beyond.

Time Stamp

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:47 Rethinking the Birth of Jesus

01:20 Seeing Jesus Again for the First Time

02:54 Reading the Scripture: Luke 1, verses 26 through 38

04:31 Interpreting the Scripture: Mary’s Encounter with the Divine

08:35 Mary’s Response and the Essence of Discipleship

09:06 Seeing Jesus Anew: The Gospel Through Mary’s Eyes

09:53 Reflections on the Christmas Story

11:22 Closing Remarks and Invitation for Feedback

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