Rethinking Advent

Rethinking Advent

In this episode, Tim and Sara discuss shifting from self-centeredness to engaging in God’s mission, drawing inspiration from John the Baptist. Let’s look at the big idea that true life is found not in self-focus but in giving oneself to others and engaging with the larger narrative of God’s story. Let’s embrace the true spirit of Advent as we prepare our hearts for the arrival of Jesus.

Rethinking Our Focus

So what might happen if we rethink our focus? Explore the idea that true fulfillment and joy are found not by focusing solely on ourselves, but by giving ourselves for the sake of others. Drawing from the life of John the Baptist, you’re encouraged to shift your perspective and embrace self-giving as the path to a meaningful life.

John the Baptist’s Message of Self-Giving

John the Baptist might not be the first person we think of when reflecting on humility. But, there is one action that does highlight John’s humility. In his commitment and dedication to pointing others towards the light—Jesus. John’s insistence on being a voice and not claiming personal glory. John’s selflessness is a powerful example for us to reorient our lives toward Jesus and Jesus’ mission.

As we fix our gaze on Jesus, we can truly celebrate the birth of the Messiah. Then our actions can align with the message of love and justice that Jesus represents.

Following the Light

Remember to follow the light—Jesus—requires a deliberate choice to refocus our lives. It may challenge the status quo and disrupt our comfort zones, but by positioning ourselves as bearers of the light, we can guide others out of their wilderness and towards the transformative love of God.


As we journey through the Advent season, let us embrace the invitation to rethink our focus and redirect our lives toward Jesus. Inspired by the example of John the Baptist, may we become beacons of light, pointing others to the hope, joy, and love found in Christ. Together, let us celebrate the season not by accumulating material possessions, but by embodying the mission of Jesus and leading others on a transformative journey.

Time Stamp

00:00 Introduction and Invitation to Engage

01:22 “Rethinking Life?!?”…An Advent Series

02:42 Exploring the Concept of Life

04:01 The Role of John the Baptist

07:21 Rethinking Focus: Self vs. Mission

08:39 The Commercialization of Christmas

09:42 The True Mission: Pointing to Jesus

11:10 The Challenge of Focusing on the Mission

17:08 The Power of Light: A Story

22:25 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a message below. What’s one way you’re leading people to focus on Jesus this Advent? How are you personally refocusing your life on Jesus during this season?