Be the church Transforming Mission

What Does Being the Church Mean to You?

In this episode, Tim and Sara identify the heart of what it means to “be the church.” We explore concepts that define the identity and purpose of the church, emphasizing that the church is not a building but the living, breathing body of Christ in the world. Here are some key points from the discussion

1. The Church as the Living Body of Christ

At the core of their faith lies the belief that the church is not merely a physical structure or an institution. It is the living, breathing body of Christ, where believers actively participate in the ongoing work of Jesus. The early followers of Jesus saw themselves as evidence of the resurrection, part of the ongoing work of Jesus in the world.

2. Mission-Centered Leadership

The church is united around a mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This mission is not just a slogan or a statement on a website; it’s the core purpose that shapes the lives of Christian believers and entire communities. The church’s mission is about actively living out one’s faith and serving others.

3. The Communion of Saints

The church has a rich history, a present reality, and a future that are held together by the communion of saints. This concept reminds us that our faith communities are connected not only to each other but also to a shared history. It’s about acknowledging the saints who have gone before us and recognizing that our faith journey is intertwined with countless others.

4. Worship as a Cornerstone

Worship is a cornerstone of faith, and the church plays a vital role in facilitating this act of devotion. It is not a performance but a celebration of the mighty acts of God in the community. Instead, worship fosters personal and collective transformation and empowers individuals to live out their faith in the world.

5. Active Contribution, Not Passive Consumption

Being the church means more than passive participation; it involves actively living one’s life for Jesus and serving others. It’s not about consuming but contributing. Every person has a role in the body of Christ, and everyone’s contribution is vital to the church’s functioning. Serving others is a fundamental part of being the church.

The episode emphasizes the shift from being church consumers to becoming active contributors, living out their faith in the world and serving their local community. It invites listeners to reflect on how they are equipping people to “be the church” and reminds them that who they are is how they lead.

Remember, you don’t attend church; you are the church.

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