Episode 295 3 reasons discipleship outweighs membership Transforming Mission

Discipleship Outweighs Membership

Welcome to a transformative journey of faith and understanding. Tim and Sara are here to share their wisdom on a critical aspect of Christian life: the significance of discipleship over mere membership within the church.

Following Jesus

First and foremost, let’s grasp the essence of discipleship. It’s not merely a matter of becoming a church member; it’s a deep and personal connection with Jesus. Tim reminds us that the church is the body of Christ, and genuine discipleship hinges on letting Jesus shape our thoughts, actions, and relationships. Being a church member doesn’t automatically equate to discipleship.

Tim and Sara encourage us to differentiate between those who genuinely walk with Jesus, embracing Jesus’ teachings and transforming their lives, and those who simply join an organization without the same commitment.

Growing as a Follower of Jesus

Second, discipleship is far more than membership because it’s all about growth, learning, and becoming the person God intended you to be. It’s not about striving for self-righteousness but rather about growing to be more like Jesus in every facet of life. This journey entails continuous learning, growth, and the understanding that your walk with Jesus is a lifelong process.

Explore the concept of sanctification and how partnering with God in becoming the person God envisioned you to be. It’s not a path exclusively for a select few; everyone is called to ministry in their unique way, and discipleship’s primary focus is living out that calling.

Disciples Make Disciples

Finally, disciples are the ones who make more disciples. Have a little fun with us and challenge the common assumption that it’s solely the pastor’s job to make disciples. Each disciple has a pivotal role in helping others follow Jesus. It’s about active engagement, not passive participation, within the church community. Here, everyone is equipped to become disciples who, in turn, equip others.

The invitation is this: let’s reflect on how effective our churches are at equipping people to live out their faith. The responsibility of discipleship extends beyond the church building into our families and communities. Consider your role in equipping disciples to make disciples. As you do, remember that genuine discipleship starts with an intimate connection with Jesus, rather than merely attending ceremonies and meetings.

Discipleship at the Forefront

In conclusion, discipleship should be at the forefront of a church’s mission. It surpasses mere membership, focusing on nurturing a deep relationship with Jesus, personal growth, and the transformative power of becoming disciples who actively influence others to follow the same path.

Are you ready to embark on this journey of discipleship, to grow in faith, and to make a meaningful impact on those around you? Let’s take this path together, embracing discipleship as the heart of our Christian walk.