Episode 292 The Power of Rethinking for Christ-Centered Leaders Transforming Mission

The Power of Rethinking for Christ-Centered Leaders

Episode 292 explores a critical aspect of leadership that might just transform the way you view your role as a Christ-centered leader. If you’re wondering how rethinking some of the the habits and norms of Christian leadership may help you as a leader, or why it’s so challenging to admit when you’ve changed your mind, then this episode is for you.

Embracing Change 

Consider for a moment – are you the same person today that you were at 16? Most likely not, and that’s a good thing. As adults, our life experiences and continuous learning are meant to help us grow and evolve. So, why do some leaders find it so difficult to rethink their strategies or admit that they’ve changed their minds?

A Life-Saving Lesson from History:

In his book, Think Again, Adam Grant offers a gripping story from history that unfolds in Montana with smokejumpers – elite wildland firefighters. Facing a raging forest fire, their leader, Dodge, made a life-saving decision. Instead of trying to outrun the fire, he stopped and built an escape fire. Dodge’s survival wasn’t due to thinking slower but to his ability to rethink the situation faster, a lesson that has profound implications for leadership.

Grant’s book highlights that most acts of rethinking don’t require special skill or ingenuity. Yet, humans often fail to challenge their ingrained habits of thinking until it’s too late. These patterns can weigh us down, preventing us from adapting to new circumstances effectively.

The Struggle to Rethink

There are parallels between the smokejumpers’ struggle to rethink and the challenges leaders face today. It is common for individuals and organizations to stick to old ways of thinking, even when circumstances demand a fresh approach.

As you reflect on your own leadership, here are a few questions to explore:

  • Where are you investing your time?
  • What should you be focusing on, but aren’t?
  • What new skills should you be learning for this season of discipleship?
  • What’s the future of the church?
  • What can be an email instead of a meeting?
  • What do you not know?

The Church Building Conundrum

One of the areas we spotlight is the fixation on getting people into church buildings. This focus may need to be rethought, emphasizing that the church isn’t confined to a physical structure. What would happen if we challenged the notion of equating the church with a building? Instead, let’s rethink our expectations and meet people where they are, rather than expecting everyone to come to a church building.

When we cling to the idea of bringing people into the church building can be a barrier to truly connecting with individuals. It’s time to rethink what it means to be the body of Christ and how we engage with our communities.

The Power of One Relationship

If you challenge the notion that a leader’s impact is solely determined by the size of the crowd. Instead, advocate for a shift in focus towards building one relationship at a time. Stress to the people you lead that your faithfulness is measured not by a full sanctuary but by your commitment to nurturing individual relationships.

Conclusion: In conclusion, embark on your own journey of rethinking leadership. Reflect on what tools or habits you might need to set aside in order to be who God intends you to be. Remember this is a journey that unfolds one step at a time. It begins with placing your trust in God’s guidance.

Your leadership journey is uniquely yours, and it’s a journey worth embracing with an open heart and a willingness to rethink, adapt, and grow.

And remember, who you are is how you lead.