Church and Society: A Call to Missional Leadership

Church and Society

In Leadercast Episode 286, we continue our focus on missional leadership. In this episode, we explore the second aspect of this approach: the changing relationship between the church and society. You’ll hear reflections on the evolving dynamics of faith, community, and engagement in the modern world.

The episode starts with a recap of the previous discussion, highlighting the concept of “putting God in the driver’s seat.” This sets the stage for the exploration of missional leadership’s second aspect, which revolves around recognizing the shifting connections between the church and the broader society.

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning isn’t what it used to be. And no, we’re not talking about the type of music played on Sunday morning. Once considered a time solely reserved for church activities, there are other events now competing for time on Sunday morning. We all have the same number of hours in the day. However, how we prioritize our time and what gets our attention continues to shift. Many of us could say, “Growing up, attending church on Sunday was a norm.” Contrast that with today when diverse activities have taken the place of traditional church attendance. 

This shift prompts an essential question: How can the church meet people where they are?

Relationships in Missional Leadership

You’ll hear us emphasize that building relationships is vital. The power of personal connections has never been needed more. The transformative impact that happens through genuine interactions is essential as we navigate this season of ministry. 

Rather than relying solely on traditional programs, living into missional leadership means advocating for a people-centered approach that allows faith to naturally flow into daily conversations and relationships. As you embody the love of Christ in all interactions and adapt to the changing needs of the community, people witness your love of Jesus.

Offering Christ

We couldn’t make it through this episode without touching on the misconception that offering Christ means immediately discussing theology or religious beliefs. Instead, offering Christ can be about showing love and acceptance, just as God has loved and accepted us. This shift in perspective allows for a more authentic and accessible way of sharing faith with others.


Finally, be reminded that transformation can happen not only in the lives of those we connect with, but also within themselves. Being open to change and embracing new ways of connecting with others is essential for effective missional leadership.

The podcast concludes with an inspiring benediction and a call to action. Listeners are reminded that they are already in the mission field, and their daily interactions present opportunities to share God’s love. The hosts encourage a shift from ego-driven motivations to a focus on Jesus-centered connections with others. The episode wraps up with the anticipation of further exploration of missional leadership’s aspects in upcoming discussions.