The value of Collaboration Episode 280 Acts 4

The Value of…

Do you value collaboration?

Yes, we’re really asking.

“The VALUE of…” is a new podcast series exploring what is important to Christ-centered leaders. Values are more than things we profess. Values are the essential elements that guide a leader’s decisions and actions. They help teams make decisions and know what is important.

Across the next several episodes we’ll dive into questions like:

  • Why are values important? 
  • What does living into our values look like (and why it’s important)?  
  • What are examples of transformational ministries that can result? 
  • And what adaptive leadership challenges emerge when you’re living and leading from your values.


This week we start with an exploration of the value of collaboration. As a Christ-centered leader, the ministries you shepherd likely depend on collaboration. A leader’s role is to equip others for the work of ministry. And THAT requires collaboration.

Collaboration isn’t simply about dividing out tasks. As we explore collaboration you’ll hear examples of ministry

As a Christian leader, embodying your core values rather than just talking about them is essential to create a culture that reflects these values and guides the work of leaders. Collaboration is a transformative force that moves beyond the walls of the church and seeks to bring about positive change in communities. 

But collaboration isn’t just about doing things together. It’s also important for leaders to practice ongoing reflection, relationship-building, and feedback to foster collaboration. Yes, we’re pointing to community. A community is important in enabling effective collaboration. Look for more on that next week.

Embrace collaboration as a key value and leverage it to bring about meaningful transformation in your ministry and beyond.

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Acts 4:L32-34
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