Leading Through Lent – It’s Getting Real

In the first episode of “Leading Through Lent,” explore a familiar passage that challenges what it means to be faithful. Then, take a step back as a leader to see the range of responses to faith all around you. The question becomes, “Are you putting on a spiritual performance or connecting with the heart of God?” 

This episode explores Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21. Join us as we look at a group of people we’ll call spiritual perfectionists. Literally, the word translates as “play actors.” Our English translation calls them hypocrites. 

But what might happen if you were a leader who created a space for people to be real? What might happen if play acting and perfectionism are neither expected nor rewarded? Facilitating a Christian community where people have the opportunity to be who God created them to be is not for the faint of heart. But…

Cultivating a culture where honest thoughts and feelings are experienced is an intentional choice. It’s the choice of mercy over shame; the choice of courage over comfort, and normalizing who and whose we are as followers of Jesus. It’s a choice to follow Jesus and not to be a spiritual perfectionist. It’s a choice to be real.

Join us for this short series through Lent as we explore the challenges and God opportunities of leading people of faith.

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