“Lord Have Mercy”

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy” (Matthew 5:7). 

“Lord have mercy” is more than a saying. The depth of its meaning has its root in the Hebrew word “hesed.” A word used in the Old Testament to express the unique quality of the love and mercy of God.

It means to identify with the suffering of others. To go through something with another person. To enter another person’s problems or dilemma with understanding and acceptance. We have experienced “hesed” in and through Jesus.

Said differently, to be merciful is to identify with the suffering of others, to empathize, and to be generous. 

Mercy in Action

The beatitudes reflect acts more than attitudes. So, “blessed are the merciful” is more about acts of mercy than about having an attitude of mercy. That is where empathy comes in. 

As followers of Jesus, you are blessed when you act in ways that are merciful. There’s much more to this beatitude. Listen to explore the meaning of this beatitude from the Gospel of Matthew.

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Blessed are the Pure in Heart Beatitudes Matthew 5