Episode 262:

Praying for the Year Ahead

January 10, 2023

Praying for the Year Ahead 2023 Transforming Mission

Prayer is always a great place to start. We’re kicking off the 2023 season of LeaderCast exploring five questions to explore with God in prayer. 

Take a look around you.  There are daily reminders in the people we interact with of our deep desire for a divine-human relationship. Some may not yet be able to call that longing a relationship with God. But, at our core, there is a human desire to connect with God.

In prayer, we do that. Our human longing, our innate desire as humans is to pray. I won’t attempt to answer why it takes an accident, tragedy, or emergency to remind people to pray. But I know this: when we come to the end of ourselves and recognize God is God and we are not, there is nothing else to do but pray. Prayer changes us. 

And, one of the most important things we can do as Christ-centered leaders is praying. So as we begin the year, LeaderCast starts with five questions to help you explore a plan for prayer this year. We walk you through each of the questions, share a scripture and invite you to pause and pray. 

Click to Download the 5 Questions and Scripture

May your time with God in prayer fill you with reminders that you are one of God’s beloved. And, may you know there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can separate you from the love of God we know in Jesus.