Episode 248:

Words that Matter – Believe

September 20, 2022

Words that Matter Believe Transforming Mission

Believe in Jesus

What do we mean when we say, “I believe…” As Christian leaders, someone has likely asked, “What does it mean to believe in Jesus?” 

Words that Matter

In this series, we’re exploring words that matter. The series starts with the word belief. Look at the gospels and Christian tradition to understand and remember what is meant by the word believe. Find hope in Jesus and remember what it means to be a Christian leader who guides others to believe in Jesus. 

We may recite what we believe in a creed, but there is a danger of allowing what you believe to become passive. Our tendency is to list what we believe the Bible says. The passive aspect of believing becomes an intellectual acceptance. 

In other words, your belief does little to change your behavior. There is little if any transformation or conversion. 

Explore the scripture 

In the gospels, we get a picture of what it means to believe. Each gospel highlights a different aspect of belief or faith.

Each account in the scripture gives us a different lens to explore and embody what it means to say, “I believe in Jesus Christ.”

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