Episode 243:

Listening at the Deepest Level

August 16, 2022

Listening at the Deepest Level Transforming Mission

Did you know there are different levels of listening? 

In this episode, explore the three levels of listening and how they impact you as a leader. Walk away considering how you can listen at the deepest level. 

3 Levels of Listening

Have you ever walked away from a conversation thinking, “I’m not sure they heard a word I said?”

Welcome to the wonderful world of listening. More specifically, welcome to the three levels of listening. 

Intuitively, you probably are well aware of this. Some people listen to you closely and you walk away feeling heard and other people you scratch your head and think, “Did they hear anything I said?” 

Level 3

As you listen to the podcast this week, ask yourself where you’re most likely and least likely to practice level 3 listening. Hint: It might be with the same person or people group. Level 3 listening is listening at the deepest level, sometimes called environmental listening because of its intuitive nature.

Level 2

Level 2 listening is “you listening” where you’re focused on the other person. You are able to reflect back what the person you’re listening to is saying. This is the level of listening most of us are familiar with.

Level 1

Level 1 listening is often called “me listening” because you’re focused on yourself, not the person you’re listening to. You might wonder…is this even listening? No. It’s not. 

Explore how you can listen at the deepest level on this week’s podcast and learn a little more about each of the levels of listening. 

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