Episode 240:

Hope in the Ordinary – Do It Again

July 26, 2022

hope in the Ordinary Transforming Mission

Hope in the Ordinary

This series of devotions are meant to serve as a simple reminder of God’s presence in the ordinary moment of everyday life. This is the seventh and final devotion in the series. Throughout the summer, we’ll share a devotion each week to remind you of God’s presence and the power of hope. Every week, you’ll find the scripture, prayer, and reflection question on the website along with links to other devotions.


Genesis 1: 10-13


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Oh, God do it again. Remind me of your love that will never let me go and of you grace that abounds in every situation and circumstance. Remind me again of your goodness found in the lives of the people I encounter today. Through each of them, make more the person you created me to be so that I can bring you joy and goodness. Do it again, God. Do it again. In the name of Jesus. Amen


Where did you experience joy today with whom did you experience joy today? 

In what situations did you find yourself saying, do it again? God, do it again. 

Give God thanks for the people and the joy that you experienced today.

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