Episode 195: We Are One Body in Christ

with Lizzy Ortiz

September 14, 2021

Leadership as service begins with modeling your life after Jesus. This week, Lizzy Ortiz, Pastor of St. Mark’s UMC and Iglesia Hispana, offers encouragement for unity in the body of Christ. 

Lizzy’s leadership is modeled after Jesus. She serves first and through that service, she is a leader. As you listen to Episode 195, you’ll hear how relationships set the foundation for leadership. 

Often, we focus on relationships with others. Of course relationships with people within and beyond the church are important. But, Lizzy reminds us that our relationship with Jesus guides the way toward building relationships with others. 

Sharing Our Stories

She encourages us to share our individual stories with others because our unique stories help us to experience Jesus in one another. And, our stories intersect with the life of Jesus at important places.

Finally, Lizzy reminds us when we’re unable to understand the experiences of others, all we need to do is focus on Jesus.

Barriers to Unity

Lizzy offers a poignant reminder that our biggest barrier to unity is being unwilling to meet and get to know other people. She shares stories of how she’s addressed small aspects of their community life to bridge the gap between two worshipping congregations who have different first languages.

Need some encouragement? Lizzy’s spirit of encouragement overflows in this episode. Her genuine, authentic love for Jesus and the people she leads will encourage you to serve others, build relationships, and ask yourself if you’re willing to meet and get to know other people. 

Write it down/Talk it Out

  1. What is one step you can take toward unity in the body of Christ? (Consider Lizzy’s example of paper plates and Bibles)
  2. What are you willing to learn so you can serve others with the heart of Christ?
  3. Who is Jesus to you? Bonus: This week, as you’re wondering what to do, ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”

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