Episode 183: What Makes Rest & Relaxation Possible?

June 22, 2021

Rest, relaxation, and play are possible…even with demanding schedules. 

Ministry and leadership are demanding. There’s no way around that fact. But, ministry and leadership are life-giving when we care for ourselves as leaders. 

In today’s short episode we offer two ideas to make rest, relaxation, and play possible in your life. And they’re easier than you might think!

What we didn’t say in this short episode is rest and relaxation begin with a mindset that it’s possible and you want it. If exhaustion is a status symbol for you, go ahead and skip this episode. There is nothing about being worn out that makes you a better leader.

First, assess the urgency of the tasks and responsibilities before you. The tyranny of the urgent is a byproduct of our culture. From fast food to amazon two day delivery, most of us want things as quick as possible, if not yesterday. The reality is most things are not urgent. 

Second, it’ll sound silly but plan to rest and relax. Schedule your work so it gets done (see tip 1), knowing that you’ll have the margin to rest and relax. For many of us, rest and relaxation feel like a luxury instead of a necessity. As you’ll read in Tim’s blog post this week, rest is essential to our wellbeing. 

Tune in for how we suggest making these ideas a reality and for a bonus idea on reframing your expectations of rest and relaxation. 

Write it Down/Talk it Out – Or Rest

  1. Where can you practice asking, “When do you need this?”
  2. What do you need to time block on your calendar? Do it! 😉
  3. What will you do today that’s fun?