Episode 175: Integrity and Accountability in Church & Corporate Leadership

A Conversation with Courtney Hilbert

April 27, 2021

At the intersection of Jesus, accountability, and corporate life is our guest, Courtney Hilbert. Add Courtney’s passion for leading youth, writing Christian fiction, baking and you find a woman of integrity who embraces accountability in the workplace, church, and in the ministries she leads.

If you’ve ever wondered how faith and corporate life integrate, Courtney provides stories and examples to guide the way. She shares how faith and church leadership impact her role in a marketing agency and pauses at a familiar acronym you may have forgotten about. 

Further, Courtney reminds us that expectations set the foundation for accountability. From corporate examples to the local church, you’ll hear about missteps and course corrections you can make around accountability. 

You’ll even hear us pause for a reminder about executive amnesia and the differences between the church and corporate accountability. Then, Courtney reflects on her choices as a manager and how her learning informed a new way of living. With grace and clarity, Courtney shares her growth as a leader and how “good girl syndrome” gets in the way of accountability. 

Finally, you’ll hear how Courtney leads a team of people to create a culture of feedback where individuals can thrive. You’ll be reminded of the importance of in the moment to leadership. 

With examples from church, corporate, and agency leadership, Courtney invites you on a journey to become a leader who holds integrity and accountability at the center of who God is inviting you to be.

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Books & Authors Courtney Mentioned

Questions to consider

  1. What expectations do you have for individuals on your team? When will you communicate those expectations?
  2. Return to the JOY acronym. As you consider your leadership, What does Jesus want? What do others need? What can you do or not do to help?
  3. What’s getting in the way of life-giving accountability? Should-isms? Amnesia? “Good girl or good boy” syndrome?