Episode 171: What is Your Best Wisdom on Self-Awareness?

Insights from 15 Christ-Centered Leaders

March 30, 2021

What happens when you ask 15 leaders for their best wisdom on self-awareness? 

You get stories, poignant reminders, examples, challenging circumstances, diverse perspectives, and enough wisdom to fill several volumes.

Whether you choose to listen all at once or in several sessions, these leaders remind us how God is with us deepening our self-awareness. 

As you take in the wisdom, grace, and humility of our guests on this week’s podcast, reflect on your own self-awareness. Many of these guests you’ve heard from on previous episodes. But some are new voices that we’ll feature in the coming weeks and months. 

You’ll hear wisdom in four broad categories. First, we tackle wisdom around self-awareness as God-awareness. Then we turn to how other people help us grow in our self-awareness. We bridge to our final category with Amy Burgess as she invites us to explore how kinesthetic and spatial awareness impact self-awareness. You’ll have to listen to hear the unique role she plays with a professional sports team. Finally, we conclude with wisdom around dealing with blind spots, triggers, and growing in self-awareness. 

While I say we’ve categorized the wisdom into four categories, as you’ll hear, there’s overlap in each category. 

Enjoy the diverse perspectives, playful nature, and deep wisdom from these leaders:

Self-Awareness as God Awareness

(Guests are listed in order of appearance)

  • Jessica Moffatt – You’ll hear from Jessica during April as we focus on accountability.
  • Chis Wiseman – You’ll hear from Chris as we focus on Community
  • Marie Smith – Episode 140: Embodying Hope  
  • Tim Bias – Tim’s on EVERY episode.
  • Charles Boayue – You’ll hear from Charles during April as we focus on accountability.

The Importance of Others in Growing in Self-Awareness

Kinesthetic and Spatial Awareness in Self-Awareness

  • Amy Burgess – You’ll hear from Amy this summer as we explore rest, relaxation, and play.

Triggers, Blindspots, and Growing in Self Awareness

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Is there enough grace for today? 
  2. Who are the people who tell you the truth? Who are the people who tell you what you don’t know about yourself?
  3. What are your triggers?
  4. Tell yourself the truth about yourself