Episode 168: Self-Awareness as God-Awareness

A Conversation with Curnell Graham

March 9, 2021

What is self-awareness for Christ-centered leaders?

Our conversation with Curnell Graham offers you a way to experience self-awareness that you may not have considered. He turns self-awareness inside out and invites you to focus on God-awareness.

As Curnell shares his life and leadership experiences, you’ll witness a beautiful, life-giving invitation from God to pay attention. From acknowledging the barriers and “-isms” that attempt to divide us, to reflecting on the beautiful and challenging moments of pastoral ministry, you’ll encounter grace at every turn in this conversation.

We cover a lot of ground. 

Curnell shares how his family of origin influences his self-awareness and guides us to see how race and relationships influence growth. Over and over again, Curnell invites you to understand who you are as a child of God. 

Let’s return to the question at the top of the page.

Self-awareness for Christ-centered leaders is not centered on self. Instead, Curnell reminds you how his life is centered on God who continues to meet him where he’s at and invites him – and you – to become who God desires you to be.

As you listen to Curnell’s call story, stories about family, relationships with different congregations in different geographic settings, and the challenges of life tune your ear to the grace that exudes in Curnell’s words and actions. 

Yes, this episode is about much more than self-awareness. It’s about relationships, barriers, division, heartache, and ultimately the choice to love. 

Questions for Reflection

  1. How has your family of origin influenced your self-awareness?
  2. Who are the people who speak the truth into your life?
  3. What circumstances in your leadership are you making an intentional choice to love?

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