Episode 166: The Essential Relationships for Christ-centered Leaders

A Conversation with Dennis Miller

February 23, 2021

Can you name your four most important relationships?

Yes, we’re really asking.

Episode 166 is a conversation with Dennis Miller. Dennis serves as the District Superintendent of the Foothills District in the West Ohio Conference. As we conclude a month focused on relationships, Dennis reminds us of the essential relationships that nurture a leader’s soul.

Listen in and pause to consider your essential relationships.

Essential Relationships

If you’re wondering where we start the conversation, yes, we begin with your relationship with Jesus. While it might seem obvious, too often leaders neglect this essential relationship. Instead of remembering who they are in Christ by spending time being with Jesus, leaders can get caught up in doing things for Jesus.

Additionally, pastors in the United Methodist Church are appointed and itinerant. And while pastors are only one group of leaders we work with, itinerancy also impacts the leaders in a local congregation.

As a result, from one season to the next, the community and congregation a pastor serves will be different. Whether you’re the pastor or the congregational leader, the relationships that are a consistent source of companionship are with your spouse and family. As important as your spouse and family relationships are, again, these are relationships not to be taken for granted. Dennis reminds you that these are the people who journey with you wherever God sends you.

The final relationship we discuss includes personal relationships with friends and colleagues. These anchor relationships sharpen us, correct us, guide us, and lift us up when we’re weary. Alongside our mentors, these relationships are essential as you continue to become who God created you to be.

Finally, we talk about relationships with people outside of the church. Dennis guides you in considering how your interests and hobbies help you nurture new relationships, make connections with people beyond the church, and form lasting friendships.

Questions to Consider

1.How are you doing with the relationships Dennis named?
On a scale of 1-5, with one being poor and 5 being outstanding, how is your relationship with:

    • Jesus
    • If married, your spouse
    • Family
    • Friends and Colleagues
    • Mentors

2. How are you nurturing relationships with people beyond the local church?

3. What have you learned about yourself and your relationships throughout this month?

4. What one action will you take to continue to grow as a courageous leader and nurture your relationships?

As mentioned in this episode