Episode 143: Developing Disciples

Practices, Process, People, Pruning, Pregnancy, Pause, and Parenting During a Pandemic with Mariah Miskimen

October 27, 2020

What is the next courageous action you can take as a leader?

Yes, we’re really asking you.

As you consider that question, listen to Episode 143 with Mariah Miskimen. Get ready to explore how her Clifton Strengths are intersecting with life, leadership, and maternity leave. She shares how her top five Clifton Strengths (Input, Intellection, Developer, Relator, and Empathy) helped her navigate the early stages of the pandemic as well as reminded her of the need to pause during this season of life.

Your Gifts and Talents

Maybe it’s time for you to consider how some of your greatest gifts and talents. How are your top 5 strengths inviting you to pause and rest? Sometimes we need to turn our talents on their head to embrace what is best for our soul. Or, as Sara likes to say, “put your talent in time out.” It’s about a strategic, intentional pause and leaning into your other strengths. Mariah reminds us God is infinite. We are not.

Then consider how your leadership is focusing on developing disciples even as all the “normal” ways of doing ministry seem to be turned on their heads. Mariah invites us to consider how serving within the church, leading small groups, or mentoring children can be the form of engagement needed right now.

Mission and Ministry

You’ll also hear a reminder the church is not the mission, the mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. When we get the two confused, often we’re focused on things that are neither life-giving nor helpful in ministry.

As you consider your top five strengths, ask God what courageous action you can take this week with the gifts you’ve been given to follow Jesus. Or, consider this question: What is your next strategic pause?

Once you’ve listened to the episode, you’ll know why those two questions emerged as the questions for this week.