Episode 119:

Leading Through Storms with Trust

May 12, 2020

Trust is built intentionally.

Trust unfolds in small moments that often go unnoticed. The choice to stop and listen, ask a question, or lean in to learn are ways we can build trust.

Today, Tim and Sara share about two elements of trust. Our examples help you consider the behaviors in your life that lead to trust and degrade trust.

Trust Check-Up

So before you listen, consider how you’re doing with trust.

How are you doing with trust in these relationships?

  • Are you trusting God?
  • How are you doing trusting yourself?
  • Are you trusting others?

If you said, “Yes!” wonderful. Now consider the behaviors that make you say yes. What do you say, do, or experience that intentionally builds trust? If you can’t name the behaviors, it could be you’re not being intentional. More likely, you’re not building trust.

If you said, “No,” you’re ready to begin a journey. Consider the behaviors that might help you to build trust. It’s likely one of those is more of a challenge than others.

Two Aspects of Trust to Consider

As you listen to the podcast, you’ll learn two aspects of trust and their corresponding behaviors (for us).

Specifically, you’re invited to consider how you’re offering the following to God, yourself, and others:

We invite you to consider first your reliability. Do you do what you say you’re going to do? Can people count on you? If you make excuses, put things off, or fail to follow through, and/or only give a half-hearted effort to an area of responsibility, those are clues that your reliability might need some work.

Then consider your generosity. No, we’re not talking about financial giving. We’re talking about the invitation to consider the most generous interpretation of an event or experience. Often, we jump to conclusions.

Our brain wants to fill in the gaps in stories. So what do we do? We make up what we don’t know. Sometimes what we’re making up is not the most generous interpretation of what’s happening. You’re invited to consider a simple question that is changing the way we live and lead: Is this person doing the best they can?

That’s a question of generosity. It’s a question that invites you to hit the pause button and consider different perspectives, mostly, are you making the most generous interpretation of this moment that you can?

Invitation to Respond

As you listen to our examples, we invite you to consider the small moments in your life that you’re building trust with the people you love and lead. At the foundation of every healthy organization and family is trust. But, don’t make the mistake many do. Trust must be nurtured intentionally.

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