Episode 115

Habits that Ground Us

April 14, 2020

Daily Habits that Ground Us

Let’s talk habits!

Have your habits shifted during the stay at home orders for COVID-19? Or are you staying the course, continuing the habits before this season?

Today, we’re talking about the habits that are grounding us, why you should consider your current habits, as well as a few things that have shifted in this season.

Areas to consider

  • Faith
  • Health (Emotional, Physical, and Intellectual)
  • Relationships
  • Vocational
  • Financial

No, we’re not suggesting that you have new habits in all these areas. The reality is, you do have habits. You simply might not be aware that you’re doing things the same way.

While we don’t get into the specifics of creating new habits, here’s what to keep in mind. A new habit is created by the triggers that prompt you to do something. So, if you want to exercise, put out your exercise clothes to get started. If you want to read your Bible and pray in the morning, mark your Bible to the chapter and verse the night before.

In that way, you’ll set yourself up for success. And when the first habit trigger that you try doesn’t work, try something else. Offer yourself some grace. It takes time to develop new habits.

Living into Easter

As you live into the Easter season, maybe the best question comes from Tim at the end…are you being changed more by the pandemic or by the resurrection of Jesus? Head over to the blog to read more about that!