Episode 114:

Step into the Area

Living With the Questions…

During Holy Week

April 7, 2020

For five weeks, we shared a question each week, inviting you to consider the following:

  1. Who are the people entrusted to your care?
  2. What are the longings, losses people are experiencing?
  3. What big lie do people believe that prevents them from hearing the gospel?
  4. How do you make spiritual sense of the longings and losses?
  5. How do you express that spiritual meaning as a shared story of future hope?¹

These questions are an invitation into a journey of following Jesus while reckoning with the reality of life around us.

Interview & Holy Week Questions

During this episode, Sara interviews Tim, inviting him to answer these questions in light of his role as a Christian leader.

Then, we explore these questions through the lens of the experience of Holy Week, asking you to sit at the cross on Friday, experience the silence, chaos, and uncertainty of Saturday, and the wonder and joy of new life experienced on resurrection Sunday. 

Final Episode of Series

This episode brings to a close the series, “Step into the Arena” but it doesn’t end the conversation. Use these questions with your leadership team and in your own life to confront the reality of today and the hope offered to each of us in Jesus Christ. 

Wishing you a blessed holy week and a very Happy Easter.

…and if you’re reading this sometime after Easter. Remember, every Sunday we celebrate the new life experienced in Jesus. Experience the story of new life as you lead a movement of Jesus followers. 

  1. These questions are from a forthcoming book by Scott Cormode, The Innovative Church (anticipated fall, 2020)