Episode 112:

Step into the Area

Making Spiritual Sense of Longings, Losses, and Big Lies

March 24, 2020

Making Spiritual Sense of Longings and Losses with Transforming Mission

What do you long for? Are you experiencing loss right now? Describe it. What big lie are you telling yourself?

Before you click play answer those three simple questions. But don’t let those questions stop you from listening to this episode. 

In this episode, Tim and Sara explore three big lies, longings, and losses that are common in ministry. You’ll hear us focus on trying to making spiritual sense of knowing our worth, calling people out on sin, and doing ministry like we did decades ago. 

Listen for the Promise of God

When we seek to make spiritual sense of our longings, losses, and big lies, we listen for the promise of God. While this episode was recorded before COVID-19 brought our home state of Ohio to a “Stay-at-home” order from the Governor, we’re certain you’ll find help for navigating this time as well as the season beyond. 

Longings, loss, and big lies are a part of our human nature. You desire to make sense of the world around you. As a result, big lies emerge. Sometimes these are lies honestly told (confabulations). At other times, you might concoct a story (conspiracies) that has elements of truth but is really about your human nature to seek order. As a result, half-truths find their way into your story. 

You’ll make sense of these conspiracies and confabulations and be reminded that the love of God we know in Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

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