Episode 109:

Step into the Area – Part 2

March 3, 2020

Step into the Arena with Transforming Mission

Do you rent or own your home?

If you’re thinking, “Wait, this isn’t a real estate podcast,” you’re right. 

But, consider for a minute why you rent or own your home. What is the reason you choose to mortgage a house or rent your house?. 

It’s a question of stewardship and ownership. There is a difference. In a similar way, notice the difference between a calling centered on being a co-worker with God and a calling focused on a task.  

Who Has God Entrusted to Your Care?

The question, “Who has God entrusted to your care?” is a question everyone needs to answer. Whether you’re a stay at home parent, serving in full-time ministry, paid a salary or paid by the hour, the question applies to you. 

Answering that question will do a couple of things. First, you’ll gain clarity about who is the focus of your life. But, more importantly, it will remind you that you are a co-worker with God.

In the end, remember to be a steward, not an owner. 

The Lenten Journey

In the introduction of this series, we invited you to use the questions we’ll explore over the next six weeks to enhance what you’re already doing this Lent. This episode does not seek to give you another task to complete. It is an opportunity for you to practice following Jesus every day.

The questions we’re offering apply to everyday life. As you listen to Episode 109, explore your calling, why care is essential, and how you can shift your thinking from tasks to people. 

Remember, the question this week is this: Who is God entrusting to your care? What thoughts, feelings, actions, and results of your concern? 

What You’ll Experience

During this series, you’ll hear three parts to each episode:

  • A conversation about the question for the week.
  • A series of questions to help you reflect on the podcast and your life work.
  • A final challenge.

Once again, this series of podcasts can come alongside you in your everyday, ordinary life. 

Challenge Questions

If you’re returning to the podcast to answer the questions we offer, you can find the items at the 19:00 mark.

Note: The five questions we’re exploring in this series come from the forthcoming book, Christian Innovation by Scott Cormode.

Your Next Step

To accompany this series, join us inside our private Facebook Group for an exploration of six psalms of lament. We’re calling it “The Hope of Lament.”