Episode 106:

Do I Need a Specific Talent to be a Faithful Disciple?

February 11, 2020

Your talents are the natural way you think, feel, and behave. Understanding our talents helps us recognize how we go about doing things, not what we do. 

If you just read between the lines, you already know the answer to the title of this episode. (Hint: no!)

Keep reading! You’ll learn why we asked this question. It might be a mistake you’ve already made. 

Your Greatest Contribution

Your talents help you understand how you can make your greatest contribution. But, they do not tell you what you should be doing. A common mistake made with the CliftonStrengths assessment is to take a theme as a label and extrapolate that label into a role.

For example, someone with the Communication talent should write the weekly newsletter or make announcements in worship. Maybe. Maybe not. The communication talent theme is all about ease with words. So while a person with the Communication talent theme may have ease with words, they might not like to write. Or, they might not have an interest in standing in front of people. 

Definition of talent

CliftonStrengths + Following Jesus

If you’re asking yourself, “How then do CliftonStrengths help us live as disciples?” If you have a conversation with someone about their talents, you’ll begin to see how the natural way you think, feel and behave drives your interests and passions. Then, you can begin to help them live into who God created them to be.

During this episode, you’ll hear what happens when someone’s natural talent is invited into the room. There is excitement, energy, and passion. So one way to equip and invite others into ministry is to watch where there are signs of excitement, joy, and passion.  

Being a disciple of Jesus requires courage, compassion, and connection. Using the 34 CliftonStrengths themes to bring awareness to how you go about doing things will empower you and help others call on you to make your greatest contribution. 

CliftonStrengths in Action

Additionally, you’ll learn how two CliftonStrengths themes come to life. You’ll also hear illustrations about what to do and what not to do when it comes to leveraging your talents and inviting others into ministry. 

Being a disciple of Jesus is a life-long journey. Knowing how you naturally think, feel, and behave will expand your self-awareness by helping you focus on what you naturally do well. It also means you’ll know where to partner with others to make your greatest impact as a follower of Jesus.  

This episode focuses on the “Season of Explore” in the Seasons of Following Jesus. To learn more about the seasons, your next step to grow as a follower of Jesus, and what season you’re currently living in, answer five quick questions.  

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