Episode 105:

Who You Are is How You Lead

February 4, 2020

Just for a moment, think about the first person who invested in you as a leader.

  • How old were you?
  • Was it in the context of the church, school, sports, scouts or something else?
  • Were you surprised they invited you to lead?

Your Relationship with Jesus

Often, our first leadership experiences shape us. Now that you are a leader of leaders, there are other questions you need to consider.

But, as a Jesus follower, there is ONE relationship that should influence your leadership more than any other: your relationship with Jesus.

Often, we overlook the simple fact that, “Who we are is how we lead.” So if you call yourself a disciple of Jesus, here’s our question for you this week: How is your faith and relationship with Jesus influencing your leadership?

Multiplying Disciples

Multiplying disciples begins with knowing who you are in Christ. Join us to explore three questions to help you consider who you are as a follower of Jesus and how that influences your leadership.

Then, consider, who are you developing as a leader? As a leader, your primary purpose is the multiplication of disciples. In order for that to happen, you need to invest in leaders who invest in discipling others.Christian leadership development

Purpose, Integrity, and Leading Others

Perhaps the big question this episode explores is this: is there integrity in who you say you are and how you lead? This will influence not only how you lead others, but, how you invest in new leaders.

When there is integrity in who you say you are and how you lead, you’ll align with your purpose. As you already know, your purpose drives everything you say and do. It also drives your emotions.

So let us as you this question: If you say you are a follower of Jesus, how will you lead?

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