Episode 092:

One Surpring, Foundational Skill Disciples Need

 November 5, 2019

What are the skills you need to follow Jesus?

You might say:

  • Knowing how to read the scriptures
  • Learning how to pray
  • Understanding your gifts so you can serve in the church and local community

Absolutely, those are skills that you need. You might even call them spiritual disciplines. 

But, today, we’re talking about one skill that undergirds prayer, searching the scriptures, serving in the local community, and sharing your faith with others. 

No, it’s not determining whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. 

What do you need to open your heart and your mind to who Jesus is inviting you to be?

It’s probably not something you’ve thought about in the context of following Jesus and it’s also something you’ve likely thought about as a weakness.

What’s this elusive skill we’re talking about? Rumbling with vulnerability. 

Hold onto your hat (and your eye rolls). Let’s unpack what we mean.

Following Jesus Today

Learning to rumble, or have a honest, sincere, engaging conversation about Jesus is essential if you’re going to follow Jesus today.

The challenge is this: many of us are still living in a “build it and they will come” era. If you’ve been a part of adding another program to your ministry schedule or hosting an event at the church, these are examples of how “build it and they will come” gets lived out in the church.

Or maybe you have conversations about church programs to be more welcoming. That, too, at the core, is a good thing. However, the world around you has changed. And people need more than a warm welcome to get them to the door. They need you.

Let me ask you to consider these questions: How do people know the church exists? Why do people come to a church in the first place?

More often than not, it’s because someone has invited them.

Or maybe your faith is more focused on one hour a week worship attendance than following Jesus every day. If so, you guessed it, you likely need to learn to rumble with vulnerability in your relationship with Jesus.

The topic of this podcast is not about inviting people to church. We’re turning the tables and inviting you to think like a missionary.

Think Like Jesus, Not an Institution

In the neighborhood or community where you live, there are people who do not have a relationship with Jesus. You might even know who they are.

But chances are you don’t like feeling vulnerable when it comes to your faith and you probably have never tried to build a relationship with these individuals. Totally understandable. Most of us don’t like what it feels like to be vulnerable. And most don’t seek to build relationships with others that make them feel vulnerable.

Both of those statements are a reflection of our current reality.

When you look around your local church or consider the decline of participation in church, there is a reason. You don’t like feeling awkward, judged, or different. You want to belong. Welcome to the world of being human.

The bigger challenge comes into play when we’re not willing to explore the thoughts and feelings that make us feel vulnerable, we often don’t do anything.

And if I may be so bold to say this: the reason the church and the Christian faith is in the shape we are in is NOT because people don’t want to follow Jesus. It’s because the people who follow Jesus (you and me!) don’t build relationships with people who are not Christians. Why? Because it makes us feel vulnerable. We have not learned how to rumble with vulnerability as it relates to our faith.

Our hope is this episode will begin to help you think about living in a missionary time – because we are. More importantly, Tim and I walk through two different scenarios and offer you three things you can do to step into rumbling with vulnerability as a follower of Jesus.

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