Episode 085:

Revisit Your Calling

Three Steps to Clarity

September 17, 2019

Want to Reflect on Your Calling?

Clarity of Call Leads to Clarity of Purpose

You are called by God.

Whether you are serving in ordained or licensed ministry or a baptized participant in a local church, you are a child of God, called by God.

Baptism is your call to ministry.

For some, the call is to leadership. For others, it is to the priesthood of all believers. Your call can be lived out in families, businesses, recreation centers, restaurants and city centers (and more) all around the world.

Whether you serve within the church or care for your family and home, you are called. If you are employed in business, education, medicine, or service industries (just to name a few)….you, too, have a calling.

Calling is who God wants you to be and who you can be by faith.

Move Toward Clarity

But to respond to God’s calling, you need to be clear. Clarity of call brings clarity of purpose.

In this episode, Tim and Sara offer three big questions (and a few clarifying questions) to help you revisit your call. Grab the Transformation Guide to walk step by step through the conversation they have – and more!

We’ll guide you through reflecting on who God is inviting you to be in this season of ministry while reflecting on the challenges of doing so within a denominational structure.

Clarity of Call Leads to Clarity of Purpose Transforming Mission Can Help

Consider This

Here are three questions to consider:

  1. Where are you experiencing God’s presence?
  2. Who is God inviting you to be in this season of ministry?
  3. Who are you serving?

Join us on this episode to unpack these questions so you can take the next step in clarifying your call.

We don’t want you to find yourself in a place of isolation, misunderstanding, or even becoming a stumbling block in the midst of ministry.

Take the next step. Listen to Episode 085: Revisit Your Call. While you’re at it, download the Transformation Guide for this episode! 

Want to Revisit Your Calling?

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