Episode 080:

The Value of Celebration

 August 13, 2019

…Even When It’s Difficult

There are times it is easy to celebrate. A celebration can come easy when you’re looking forward to a birthday, anniversary, or milestone of a loved one or colleague.

But how do you celebrate – and what should you celebrate – when things get tough?

We’ve identified three times it can be difficult to celebrate. These ideas are not exhaustive. You’ll gain insights on where to focus and what to celebrate when, at first glance, celebrating seems difficult, or even inappropriate.

Specifically, we discuss responding to a crisis, dysfunction and division, and diversity and differences. Along the way, you’ll get reminders about how to make hope happen. You’ll stay focused on Jesus, and celebrate the way God is moving in your midst.

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What is God doing in your life that you have the privilege to be a part of today, tomorrow, or in the next week?

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Celebrate God’s presence in your life and know, even when the challenges around you are making life difficult, the God we know in Jesus is with you. And that’s ALWAYS something to celebrate.

The Value of Celebration Even When It's Difficult Transforming Mission

Three Times Celebration May Be Difficult

Here are three times we’ve identified it may be difficult to celebrate:

  • During times of crisis.
  • When decisions are made that bring about division within the body of Christ.
  • When the diversity of opinions, personalities, and perspectives overwhelm us.

Now, before you think we’re saying “you should celebrate crisis or division.” No, we’re NOT suggesting you celebrate crisis or divisiveness. We’re inviting you to celebrate God’s abiding presence in the midst of crisis, division, and our human diversity.

Is it easy?


But, if we’re to help people stay grounded in faith and centered on Jesus who offers us hope, celebration is essential.

The Value of Celebration Even When It's Difficult Transforming Mission

Next Steps

We’ll take this leadership journey with you so you can celebrate the people and the presence of God in your midst. 

Whether you hold a position of leadership or regularly participate in a local congregation, this episode is for you.

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Resources for this Episode

Making Hope Happen by Shane Lopez