Episode 068:

Galatians 8

Selfish and Selfless Leadership

May 21, 2019

Hold Up a Mirror!

Galatians 5 leads Paul deeper into contrasts between the flesh and the spirit. As leaders, we can contrast the focus of our leadership between leadership shaped by a career or leadership that is shaped by character.

Another way to think about it is the difference between selfish and selfless leadership.

You’ll learn the implications of each type of leadership and be encouraged to hold up a mirror for the people around you to see who God created them to be. When we keep our focus on Jesus, the grace God offers to each person becomes an expression of the Spirit.

Keep Growing!

After listening to the podcast, consider the following:

  • Who are you holding up a mirror for? In other words, who are you helping to grow in their understanding of who God created them to be?
  • Who will you celebrate today (or this week)? Name the gifts and graces of a leader around you. We can never share with others often enough how their gifts and talents shine.

Next Steps

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