Episode 062:

Are You Walking Your Talk?

Core Values & the Local Congregation

April 9, 2019

A Conversation About Values

Today we’re having a conversation about congregational core values and identifying the behaviors that define the core values.

For many congregations, we think we’re clear on what we value, but the reality is, the values aren’t supported by behavior. As a result, individuals and teams are uncertain how to support and live into the values.

Often our values are what lead us to stand up, speak up, and step up. Our values can propel us to be courageous. But, without clarity of values, it’s unlikely that we’ll walk our talk.

Keep Growing!

As you listen, consider the skills you learned in Episodes 055-061 about rumbling with vulnerability. Like any conversation, you’llwant to build a container and define what will help people actively participate in the conversation.

We’ll talk through three steps to help you get clear on your congregational core values. As always, we offer insights and stories to help guide you on your leadership in the local church.

Next Steps

  • Download the Congregational Core Values Companion Sheets. You’ll be guided through leading the local church leadership in identifying the congregation’s core values and the accompanying behaviors the church seeks to encourage.
  • Download the Rumble Starter Kit (Mentioned in the Congregational Core Value Worksheets).
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We can say we have values. And we all do. But how do you know if you're living and leading by your values? You need to identify behaviors that exhibit your values, then monitor your leadership. #values #churchleadership #pastors #prayer #loveGod #jesus #transformingmission TransformingMission